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Large Format PLA 3D Print

98 x 98 x 5cm

Edition of 10 - No. 1/10

Commissions taken for bronze version - contact us for information.

Bubble Boi explores the symbiotic relationship between man and machine, where each bubble has been calculated and placed by hand to create this tactile yet mutated aesthetic. The arduous task of placing 1000s of bubbles is further reflected by the laborious task of the 3d printer. I wanted to capture this intangible object (a bubble) out of an unnatural process (3d printing). 

Bubble Boi - 2022

  • James Grossman’s works explore the relationships between organic forms in the natural and digital realms. He aims to capture obscure movement within a variety of mediums, by experimenting with themes of mutation, terrains and tactility.

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