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Louisa Katherine Thomson





"I am a metalsmith who is inspired and driven by narrative and storytelling. I have always had an undefinable gravitation to the Scottish coast and the knowledge of my country’s, and my own history, is of the utmost importance to me and instills a sense of understanding and belonging. The powerful imagery and enchanting stories of the Scottish landscape have always captivated me and have been a great source of inspiration for my work.

Influenced by the exploration of my family history, the stories of the ‘Herring Lasses’ from Scotland’s coast captured my imagination, and established themselves as the main subject of my graduate collection, 'Stories From a Herring Lass’. I began with visual research exploring form, texture, and pattern through papercraft and drawing.


Made using precious metals, this body of narrative silversmithing and jewellery aims to express a sense of the lives lived by Scotland’s ‘Herring Lasses’."

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