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Giampiero Malgioglio

Italy | 1967
Installation Artist, Painter, Sculptor




Giampiero Malgioglio , was born in Rome in '67.

From a young age he devoted himself to drawing and painting inspired by Roman atmospheres and supported by his maternal aunt, Rita Zizzo, also a painter.

He attended the studies of some Roman artists including the Masters Francesco Corica, Titina Maselli, Franco Veronesi, and Piero Dorazio who convinced him to participate in the first group exhibitions, a fact that strengthened his commitment to painting.

He dedicates a lot of time to reading the paths of artists such as Attardi, Dorazio, Afro, Pollock, Santomaso, and Emilio Vedova. The latter particularly influenced him to the point of making him abandon the figurative trait at the end of the 90s. Since then, his research has focused on material masses and the harmony of color until he discovered and became passionate about the chemical combustion technique he discovered after studying Burri's works.

His first personal exhibition was in the city of Catania and curated by Vittorio Pizzolato, a theatrical author with a passion for art who, attracted by the compositions of G. Malgioglio, organised an exhibition for him at the Catania Press Club.

It is no coincidence that Catania is chosen as the first exhibition venue as Giampiero Malgioglio himself, of Sicilian origins, spent the first years of his life in this city.

In 2000 he took part again in a collective exhibition held in Rome at the Garibaldi Museum in Mentana.

Other collective participations follow one another until 2003 when a personal exhibition is presented at the Al Cinque art gallery in Rome.


In 2004 he was invited to Caracas to hold a collective exhibition at the Fundacion Museo de Arte Metropolitano. 2005 sees him again in Catania at the Galleria Margutta for a personal exhibition.


2006 sees him as a protagonist in Switzerland in various exhibition stages. His personal exhibitions are held at the La Fontane du Rhone art gallery in Geneva and at the Grancy InterArtMania art gallery in Lausanne.


Again in Bern at the Hotel Ambassador exhibition venues, he is invited to hold a personal exhibition from which a relationship of artistic collaboration with the art dealer Pierre Courvoisier is born.

Since the early 2000's Malgioglio has participated in many national and international art fairs and has had many successful solo exhibitions gaining collectors all around the globe.

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