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Ink on cartridge - 2019

(Bath and the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace)


‘Focusing on art, items and fashions that express an eye for fine lines and detail, I spent quite a lot of time visiting the largest collection in the world of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings, those belonging to Queen Elizabeth and further time drawing in Bath. This image comprises: details of studies from the Queen’s collection; a Giacometti sculpture; costumed actors from a visit to the Theatre Royal; and multiple other elements drawn from a prolonged visit to the Georgian aristocracy’s favourite watering hole.’

Bath and Her Majesty’s da Vincis

  • Member Royal Society of Sculptors
    BA Sculpture, Brighton (tutor: Sir Anthony Gormley) 

    MA History and Theory of Art, Chelsea

    Louise was the artist selected to represent UK in the G7 of Art, Italy, 2017. She won the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold, 1st place for Sculpture at the Florence Biennale, October 2017. In April 2018, she received an ATIM International Award for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Art and Design New York. She has been a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors since 2010

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