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Acrylic paint on tissue paper and cardboard, 149 x 114 x 18 cm. 2022


The three pieces that make up Space in Time use the random shapes of nature to present emptiness in a framework of time.


Rowena has been exploring what impact having childhood cancer has had on who she is. There are nine lines in each of the works, as that is the age she was when she was diagnosed. The art references the connection of space with time in the field of physics, while also seeing the space in the work as a wound. Her work seeks to be imperfect, in that it cannot be placed into either artistic discipline of painting or sculpture.

Space in Time II

  • Rowena Hutchinson (b. 1998) is a Sussex based artist with cancer. My art uses space and colour to understand the impact of disease and loss. Rowena uses sculptural materials to blur the boundaries between painting and sculpture. She explores the lasting impacts of loss and trauma after having cancer as a child. The random and adaptable qualities of nature play an important role in her work.

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