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Oil on Canvas - 50 x 50cm

Tan Mare

  • Inverness-born Iain graduated with a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the Open College of the Arts in 2016 and now exhibits in selected galleries throughout the UK.

    His work has also been on show in the Mall Galleries in London and in 2020 he won the Visual Art Open Award with his painting Indignant II. He currently lives and works from his home studio in Quothquan by Biggar.

    Iain’s work is shaped by the enduring fascination with the human form, often portraying his subjects as contemplative lone figures. From his initial candid observations, he expands upon their pose and physicality in the studio, often using his models to recreate a narrative. Blending realism with abstraction, he uses oils on canvas to create vibrant multi-layered artworks that are both structured and immediate.

    Influenced by the exploration into my family history, the stories of the ‘Herring Lasses’ from Scotland’s coast captured my imagination, and established itself as the main subject of my graduate collection, 'Stories From a Herring Lass’. I began with visual research exploring form, texture and pattern through paper craft and drawing. Made using precious metals, this body of narrative silversmithing and jewellery aims to express a sense of the lives lived by Scotland’s ‘Herring Lasses’."

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