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Ink and coloured pencil on cartridge - 2022

(Isle of Wight, Sir John Soanes Museum, Tate Modern) 


‘This dreamlike drawing is like a puzzle that developed over a couple of years as different elements arose and slotted into place. It started with a satyr and a nymph from Sir John Soanes eerie eclectic collection of classical treasures followed by a sojourn in the Tate Modern at Surrealist Dorothea Canning’s show with my sister and where I borrowed a Canning multi-irised eye, a skull and a wispy sky. I then went to the Island where my sister lives and paints, and beautiful views, family artworks, pets and artefacts all transformed into miniature suggestions of a pleasant, quiet, creative life.’

Wistful Whispers

  • Member Royal Society of Sculptors
    BA Sculpture, Brighton (tutor: Sir Anthony Gormley) 

    MA History and Theory of Art, Chelsea

    Louise was the artist selected to represent UK in the G7 of Art, Italy, 2017. She won the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Gold, 1st place for Sculpture at the Florence Biennale, October 2017. In April 2018, she received an ATIM International Award for Contemporary Art at the Museum of Art and Design New York. She has been a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors since 2010

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